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Elias Pettersson strives to get better every day, here are your 6..

High level performers are always striving to do more and to get better every day, they always feel there is room for improvement.  In this video Vancouver Canucks budding super star Elias Pettersson discusses his get better mindset and the selflessness of his teammates.

How does one get better every day?  The answer requires some work but is relatively simple, here is a 6 step approach:

Step 1 – Make a list of the areas you want to improve, it can be a physical skill, mental skill, conditioning, lifestyle, school, etc.

Step 2 – Prioritize to a maximum of 3 or 4 areas you wish to improve.

Step 3 – Set outcome goals in the 3 or 4 areas.  Outcome goals look at the big picture and can be far in the future.  They often involve competing with other people, examples:  making a team, winning a championship, scoring x number of goals, etc.

Step 4 – Set performance goals – Performance goals support your outcome goal.  How do you want to perform today, this week, this month?  Performance goals involve competing against yourself, setting self-standards. How many shots on goal do you want to get, how many completed passes? 

Step 5 – Set process goals – These are the “Baby Steps” along the way. Focus on the specific actions YOU NEED TO DO in order to attain performance or outcome goals.

Step 6 – My experience with goalsetting is that people spend time thinking about what they want, set their goals, write them down (which is very important), keep them in their minds for a while, then their goals sheet ends up in a drawer or a hockey bag.

High achievers like Elias Pettersson are reflective athletes.  Reflective athletes think about their goals every day.  They approach each day with a purpose, each day they set process goals.  I call this the Daily Journaling Break.  This break can take as little as 10 minutes per day, it can be done at night close to bedtime.  It is a simple 5 step approach, where you reflect or de-brief your day and ask yourself a few questions: 1)  What 3 things went well today, 2) Based on today what did not go so well today and what do I need to improve, 3) What 2 or 3 things can I do better tomorrow?  What are my process goals for tomorrow?  4)  What am I grateful for today?  and 5) Find or make up a daily affirmation that supports your daily process goals.  Example: “I am confident in my ability” or “I stay focused under pressure”. 

Repeat the process the next day.  You can click here for a more detailed article on how to be a reflective athlete.

This 6-step approach assists you to set daily goals and act with a purpose every day.  Like Elias Pettersson you too will get better every day!

Coach Enio Sacilotto, President of International Hockey Camps and The Mental Edge Training seminar. Currently Enio coaches at the West Vancouver Hockey Academy, is Head Coach of the Croatian National team and has 36 years of coaching experience (including coaching professional hockey in Europe and coaching the Victoria Royals of the WHL).  Please email him at or call 604 255 4747 if you have any questions or are interested in any of his services, website: