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The Excitable army

Stuck for a name for your sports team for your real or fantasy team? Use our sports team name generator to generate a fun name! Refresh as many times as you like to come up with more options. The first word is made up of either a colour or an adjective, the second is an animal or a group. There are currently 63,878 combinations that can be generated.

Recently Generated Sports Team Names

Rigid AssassinsUnkempt PatriotsSafe Guinea PigsStudious RabbitsWhimsical CatsLined MonstersScientific MobExhausted BodsRecent PiratesFilthy JaguarsGrim UnitedValuable CowsRound BodsWatery HipposRemote TortoisesWet MachineWatchful CowsConscious VikingsBlue ManiacsFortunate BelliesStark BanditsGummy ClubRotten BodsSleepy KangaroosRight ShaftsStrange BoozersContent SquadFamiliar GangWeak VikingsStylish PatriotsSilent All-StarsWobbly WanderersYouthful VikingsWitty FlyersJumpy DodgersBurdensome OstrichesEnlightened GangSoft GiraffesStupid TroopActual WolvesRed HorsesSerpentine ManiacsGrotesque CatsEducated BelliesUnwieldy HummingbirdsWatery UnitedFlustered EnemiesBossy SquadZany BanditsChilly SquirrelsAdmirable TortoisesShocked BoozersShy SpinnersFrench HorsesBlank BreakersWavy LizardsHairy PipersClassic MachineLittle TadpolsEminent ShockersUnsightly TroopElliptical TitansStrong VikingsExpert PiratesFearful SaintsWorldly Guinea PigsSlow VikingsJunior GiantsFrivolous DroidsWell-groomed BanditsVivid KillersYawning CockroachesSad ShaftsRapid LakersWelcome RaidersShowy MothsShoddy MonkeysGrizzled DonkeysUnsteady PipersHandy AssassinsWoeful WarriorsLoud BoozersEminent GorillasFussy SpinnersReflecting BeaversBogus MiceCheerful TortoisesStrident HornetsStiff armyVapid BelliesVisible DumplingsCourteous TwinsEmpty Guinea PigsJolly BoozersFatal KillersFailing MavericksCute ShaftsAcclaimed MavericksShort WarriorsElementary Squad