Sportsa is for

We give you essential tools to you as a player. Teams use our tools to manage you on their roster, get notified of events by text message, sign in and out of games simply with a text message and you can view all your events on a month-by-month calendar. Find teams looking for spares. Discover places near you holding games or drop-in events. Buy & Sell your gear. Discussion about the game.

Event Management

Powerful, stunning, and easy to use event management, tracking, attendance, responsibilities, scorekeeping, message broadcasting, spares, and much more

Text Notifications

You are notified by text message before events and can adjust their attendance by simply replying with a Yes, No or Maybe

Great for you to remind them of upcoming events, better for team managers, knowing who is coming.

Easy to read Calendars

You and your you get an instant overview of your events, practices, competitions or meetings - see month by month or list view - webcal/iCalendar integration.


You can push mandatory or optional documents to you and view the signed status of documents, and you can accept and sign using a finger or mouse

Discussion Circles

Participate in free and paid discussion Circles, sharing knowledge, advice, news, reviews with like minded individuals and professionals - provokes conversation, enhances your visability.


Find anything from gyms & sports arenas to local health-care professionals, teams looking for players and players looking for teams. Check out reviews, discounts, teams, photos, facility information and discounts.

Buy & Sell

Buy or Sell any of your new or used clothing, equipment, memorabilia - find great deals on things that you're looking for