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Category: NHL

How the NHL draft works

If you’re new to hockey, you may not know how the NHL draft works – this a quick guide to understanding one of the most important times in the year for NHL hockey teams. Draft Order The 14 teams that missed the play-offs during the previous NHL season are awarded the first 14 picks of the best young hockey players between the ages of 17 and 20 from all over the world to play for their team. If a player gets picked in the draft, he has no choice but to play for the NHL team that has picked him…

Gary Bromley's Bone Mask

Halloween Special: Some of the scariest goalie masks in NHL history

Jacques Plante’s is the one who always gets credit for the goalie mask. There is even a charming Heritage Minute in which Mr. Plante, having been badly cut by a slap shot, tells his coach he won’t go back out onto the ice without the strange-looking mask he’d been wearing in practices. Mr. Plante’s insistence that he be allowed to wear it – despite the protestations of Montreal Canadiens coach Toe Blake – not only changed goaltending, it changed the game of hockey. To the modern fan, they bear a close resemblance to Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s mask in “Silence of the…

5 NHL players who use unique hockey sticks

In the professional hockey world, sticks are a bit like the fingerprints of the players- not two are exactly the same. Different bodies and a range of personal preferences and various on-ice roles determine the need for different characteristics. There’s flex, lie, curve, grip, tape, length, weight and more to consider. But some players… some players are really out there. When a guy drops his stick on the ice and skates by the bench to grab another, there’s a few dudes who’ve been told “don’t give them your stick, nobody wants it!” Below are five guys on that list. 1. Phil…

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