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Category: Beginners

Get information for beginners in Sport, or simply to enhance the grass roots knowledge you already have – the more you know the more you grow!

Tips for forwards

Golden tips for Forwards

These tips, especially for beginners and intermediate forwards, are the important skills to master as they rise up through the ranks to high school and college level hockey. While some of these tips may seem obvious, it can take many years of practice to perform most of these automatically in the pressure of a game. This automatic action, is what coaches teach and help players continuously work on in their training programmes. 1. Know your job It’s vital to know your position and what your role is in all three zones (defence, neutral and offensive) at all times. At a…

Improving your chances on the 2-on-1

A 2-on-1 is one of the most exciting plays in hockey – turning the tables in a game and, aside from a breakaway, it’s one of the best chances of scoring. There’s less chance of a turn-over as your team-mates are in the neutral zone, and it puts huge pressure on the defenseman and goalie – which is exactly what you want. If you’re a highly skilled player with experience, then you can make any play into a scoring opportunity, however, for basic to intermediate players – having an advantage such as this can really change your game and give…

Edmonton Oilers new strategy of goal line defense

Tips for Defensemen Playing Defensive Hockey

Playing defense is a challenging position to play, you’re generally the last line before a forward gets a shot on goal, and you’re the one clearing the scrum in front of your goaltender. Like a goaltender, it takes many years of training to hone your skills, if you’re new to the position, or just need some reminders, here’s some great tips to apply to your game to raise your defensive skills.   Read the Play, Read the Play, Read the Play Always keep your head “on a swivel”, keep looking around you and be aware of who is in front…

stick handling skills

10 tips to improve your stickhandling skills

Stick-handling is one of the most important skills in hockey, and practicing this skill will give you the confidence you need to concentrate on other areas of the game – aim for 10,000 stick-handle touches over a weekend! Quick top 10 tips for stick-handling Your top hand should be doing most of the work and the main action of holding and cradling the cup. Practice by placing an empty toilet tissue tube in your lower hand and concentrate on just using the top hand to move and control the puck. Use your bottom hand to control where around your body…

Basic rules of ice hockey

Basic ice hockey rules

A Look at Regulations, Terms, Equipment and How the Game Works Ice hockey, one of the worlds fastest paced and most exciting games that marries speed, agility, skill (and how can we say, fighting?) is easy to follow once you have a basic understanding of the basic rules, terminology, equipment and practices. If you’re new to the game, also read up on our Top tips for New Hockey Players. Playing Surface The sheet of ice and room the ice is in is commonly known as the rink. The ice is divided into zones by a red line at centre ice…

Beginners ice hockey how to get started

Top Tips and a Guide for New Hockey Players

Whether you’re 5 or 50, maybe you’ve got some gear, and maybe you’ve read some things online and watched a few of How to Hockey’s YouTube video’s – here’s a quick 10 point tips and a in-depth Guide to help you, or your child, to get started at playing ice hockey Equipment – What you should and shouldn’t do As with any new sport or interest, don’t buy gear. Wait, wait until you fall in love with the game then buy used gear until you know what you like, and what you want. Many people have gear sitting in their garages…