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Category: Forwards

Tips for forwards

Golden tips for Forwards

These tips, especially for beginners and intermediate forwards, are the important skills to master as they rise up through the ranks to high school and college level hockey. While some of these tips may seem obvious, it can take many years of practice to perform most of these automatically in the pressure of a game. This automatic action, is what coaches teach and help players continuously work on in their training programmes. 1. Know your job It’s vital to know your position and what your role is in all three zones (defence, neutral and offensive) at all times. At a…

Improving your chances on the 2-on-1

A 2-on-1 is one of the most exciting plays in hockey – turning the tables in a game and, aside from a breakaway, it’s one of the best chances of scoring. There’s less chance of a turn-over as your team-mates are in the neutral zone, and it puts huge pressure on the defenseman and goalie – which is exactly what you want. If you’re a highly skilled player with experience, then you can make any play into a scoring opportunity, however, for basic to intermediate players – having an advantage such as this can really change your game and give…

Shea Weber

Proven techniques for forwards to beat the defensemen

Beating a defensemen is one of the most important and useful skills you need to know as a forward. Using these 5 proven techniques, you’ll be able to gain an advantage over most defensemen.   Chip and Skate This one is the easiest to get started, and it is as it’s described – approaching the defensemen along the boards, chipping it by the defender and skating around them, either on the goal side, or using the boards to your advantage. Whilst it is simple in theory, it takes practice and, as always, a good bit of luck to pull off.…