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Attorney Lindsey Granados Appointed to the North Carolina Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission: The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel is proud to announce that Attorney Lindsey D. Granados has been appointed to the North Carolina Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission by North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley. Chief Justice Beasley appointed Lindsey Granados as a criminal defense attorney member to serve on the commission.

The Commission was created by the General Assembly in 1990 to make recommendations to the General Assembly for the modification of sentencing laws and policies, and for the addition, deletion, or expansion of sentencing options as necessary to achieve the state’s policy goals. The Commission’s prior work led to the passage of the Structured Sentencing Act which became effective in 1994. Read more also visit here https://wileynickel.com/raleigh-defense-lawyer-blog/attorney-lindsey-granados-appointed-to-the-north-carolina-sentencing-and-policy-a
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