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Governor Cooper signs the Second Chance Act! Just days ago Governor Cooper signed the Second Chance Act. This new change to North Carolina expungement law will allow thousands to erase older non-violent convictions from their record.

Hit this link to see the ABC 11 Story about this bill.

The new law change does a number of things but has two provisions that are especially important.

Help for those with multiple convictions. New Rules to allow people who have multiple non-violent criminal convictions to get an expungement. Before, if you had multiple convictions (convictions on different dates of court) you could not get an expungement. Now people with more than one non-violent conviction may have the ability to get an expungement. [Note: This provision does not go into effect until December 1, 2020].

Help for those with convictions under the age of 18. New rules to allow most misdemeanor and low level felony convictions to be erased for those who were 16 or 17 at the time o
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