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Defending Sexual Assault Cases in a #MeToo Era, Part II By Lindsey Granados
In Part I of this blog post, I discussed the origins of the #MeToo movement and how it has impacted criminal jury trials in this country. Also discussed was the fact that sexual assault jurors are overwhelmingly aware of the #MeToo movement. Therefore, it is incredibly important to frame the issue with the jurors from the first moment you have the opportunity to talk to them in jury selection through asking specific questions designed to distinguish your case from what they are aware of in the media at large.

A defendant in a sex offense case should start off presumed innocent under our laws, but the reality in practice is much different. Jurors are usually well-intentioned: they come into a trial with a sense of civic duty, with curiosity about the facts of the case, and a desire to do the right thing. A juror can absolutely say they believe that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and that
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