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The first question for many people looking for a Raleigh criminal defense lawyer is “How do I get my case dismissed?” The goal for most people who enter the Wake County courthouse for the first time is (1) a dismissal and (2) an expungement of all public records.

Our first question for potential clients revolves around guilt or innocence. We are an aggressive criminal defense law firm and exercise all legal options for our clients. When your future and reputation are at stake, an experienced Raleigh Attorney makes your rights a priority. We will walk you through your legal options and talk about how a trial will work. In cases where the evidence is on our side, the Wake County District Attorney’s Office can agree to dismiss a case ahead of trail.

In other cases there are different deals that involve a dismissal in exchange for doing something. In some cases it could mean a deal for community service for a dismissal. In other cases it could mean doing alcohol/drug classes as pa
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