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There’s more to running a successful food and beverage program than just having great chefs and the best foods around; there’s an art to properly executing the F&B component of any hospitality business, whether it’s at an inn, resort, or luxury cruise ship. This article from guest author David Kaup explores four key lessons you can use to help ensure your F&B program stands out from the competition and continues to succeed over time.

1) Be aware of changing consumer trends
People are becoming increasingly curious and concerned about how their food is made, what ingredients it contains, and where it comes from. As travelers start to focus more on health, they’re turning towards local, homegrown food options at hotels as a way to avoid the allergens that can often be found in pre-packaged foods. David kaup says if you have a cooking school or kitchen space at your hotel, take advantage of this opportunity and teach your guests some simple dishes that can be cooked at home with ingredien
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