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Raptors' situation still fluid as team experiences

NBA postpones Sunday's Raptors-Bulls game due to positive COVID-19 results

All the Toronto Raptors can do is wait after Sunday's game against the Chicago Bulls was postponed due to health and safety reasons, a first for the team this season. How wide the ripple effects travel remains to be seen, but here's what we know so far.
Re-Previewing the (Rest of the) NBA Season

Re-Previewing the (Rest of) the NBA Season

The league you'll see today is a warped, morphed version of what we left in March. Here's what has changed since COVID-19 hit—and how it will alter the endgame.
Power Rankings and NBA Championship Odds for Every

Power Rankings and NBA Championship Odds for Every Team in Orlando

The NBA is back. No more tune-up scrimmages. There are actual stakes attached to these bubble-based battles now as the league starts the seeding games with a two-tilt slate Thursday night...