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PGA Championship 2020: Cameron Tringale disqualified after signing incorrect scorecard

Cameron Tringale's PGA Championship came to an early end when he was disqualified Friday for signing for the wrong score at TPC Harding Park
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6:57pm - Thu 30 Jul

Re-Previewing the (Rest of) the NBA Season

The league you'll see today is a warped, morphed version of what we left in March. Here's what has changed since COVID-19 hit—and how it will alter the endgame.
4:08pm - Tue 24 Mar
Lindsay Reed of Harvard, showing off sick goalie pads
7:22pm - Tue 07 Jan
Wes McCauley yells the word “WHISTLE” at a CBJ-LAK scrum. In case they didn’t hear it.
4:59pm - Fri 03 Jan
Blackhawks and Maple Leafs players looking for a lost contact lense during a 1962 game
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4:01pm - 26 Dec 2019

Canada-U.S. at world juniors is also a sneak peek at CHL-NCAA war

A victory is the best recruiting tool ever in the constant talent tug-of-war between the Canadian Hockey League and the NCAA ranks.
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2:05am - 20 Dec 2019
Wes McCauley On Life Of An NHL Referee | Home Team Heroes
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4:49pm - 19 Dec 2019
Ahh perfect timing!
8:35pm - 16 Dec 2019
Do the legends here have any advice on snap shot form for me?