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Fizzy E Liquid Premium Malaysian Vape E Juice Shis

Fizzy E Liquid Premium Malaysian Vape E Juice Shisha ELiquid 3mg Fruit Flavours

FIZZY THE AWARD WINNING FIZZY JUICE BY MOHAWK IS NOW TPD COMPLAINT FOR 2017. VOTED BEST FLAVOUR 2017 FOR REASON BEING… THE FLAVOURS ARE CRAZY!!!! A RANGE OF FLAVOURS FROM ONE OF THE BIGGEST MANUFACTURERS OF E-LIQUIDS ON THE MARKET. CHOOSE FROM OUR RANGE OF CLOUD CHASING AWESOME TASTING E-LIQUIDS. 11 Amazing Flavours Make In Malaysian TPD 10ml bottles 3mg – Nicotine 70VG 30PG Genuine E-liquid No Tin Included Mix ‘n’ Match flavours Orange Fizzy The taste of orange flavor, equal taste to the popular drink of Fanta Orange! Perfectly blend with low cooling effects. Awesome! Kola Fizzy The taste of the famous cola flavor with a touch of fizziness. It Blend with medium-low cooling sensation making it really hard to resist. Grape Fizzy has no chemical tastes, Grape Fizzy only original authentic taste of grapes. Fantastic for grape fans out there! Mango Fizzy Taste of real ripe Asian Mango. Sweet and delicious mango! Imagine the mango flesh which is dark yellow/orange, blended with low cooling effects, YUMMY! Strawberry Fizzy Sweet strawberry flavor mixed with special ingredients just to bring up the strawberry taste. Perfect strawberry, simply perfect! Give it a try! Bull Fizzy The taste of the fame redbull drink with actual feeling of fizziness. Bull Fizzy Blendwith medium-low cooling sensation. Imagine you drink ice-blended redbull drink. Honeydew Fizzy Is Simple flavor but really delicious. Honeydew Fizzy The taste of sweet honeydew, honeydew and more honeydew! Perfectly blend with low cooling effects. SIMPLY DELICIOUS! Pineapple Fizzy Simply the best authentic pineapple flavor. You come to the right place! Tropical fruits flavors are our speciality. Pineapple Berry Tundra Tropical pineapple with berry aftertaste. Definitely a mouth watering vaping experience! Tropical cocktail Tundra A mixture of tropical fruits in one awesome juices. Tropical cocktail sweet and full of fruits taste. you will be craving for it everyday! Strawberry mango Tundra A mixture of sweet strawberry and a sour mango brings sweet and sour taste to your tastebuds. Fantastic liquid to have to have a go!
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