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LGK Apparel Sponsorship is a new label that aims to create a hybrid of fashion and talent agencies. Our goal is to empower individuals who are passionate about culture, art, and music to express themselves through the world of fashion and their talents. https://www.bark.com/en/gb/company/lgk-apparel/b7bqP/ #lgkapparelsponsorship #lgkapparel #fashion #clothing #apparel #lifestyle
LGK Apparel Sponsorship Clothing is a brand that understands the power of self-expression. We believe that fashion, talent, and culture should work hand-in-hand to create a unique and authentic experience for individuals who are passionate about culture. Our hybrid approach merges the worlds of clothing and talent agencies to create a one-of-a-kind brand that empowers and inspires. https://architizer.com/firms/lgk-apparel/ #lgkapparelsponsorship #lgkapparel #fashion #clothing #apparel #lifestyle

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