4:09pm - Mon 07 Jun
How can you make your home look more spacious with the right flooring? Many people live in small houses that appear large from the outside but inside each room feel small and compact. It may not be possible to increase the space but you can use some design hacks to make the space look bigger. The floor doctor experts can help you in making your home look more spacious by choosing the right flooring for every room. • When choosing the flooring for a dark room, you should consider choosing lighter tones because it can absorb the natural light rather than reflecting it. This will make your room look bigger. • You can use the same flooring for the entire home. The seamless look and feel of some flooring creates a visual flow. • The direction in which the flooring is installed also plays an important role in making your space look big or small. The best way is to lay the boards parallel to the longest wall to enhance the space outlook.
4:00pm - Mon 07 Jun


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