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The agricultural sector in South Africa is one of the most diverse in the world. Made up of many different product categories, including all major grains (excluding rice), oil seeds, deciduous and subtropical fruits, a wide range of vegetables, sugar, citrus, wine, livestock, as well as a developed poultry and egg farming industry.

The agricultural industry as a whole is of very high importance to the South African economy as it contributes greatly to the country’s gross domestic product, food security, job creation as well as ecotourism.

Farmers need to implement systems that make it possible for them to maintain good turnaround times for produce as well as boost their overall production. One of these being the installation of a good irrigation system.

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The key to healthy plant and crop growth is in fact a good fertilizer. There are many various types of fertilizers on the market today, including a range of inorganic synthetic fertilizers as well as eco-friendly and 100% organic fertilizer options.

Although the impact of a good organic fertilizer is often underrated, without a high quality organic fertilizer to replace the nutrients in the soil that is lost, either via the harvesting of crops or through the natural elements, the overall health and yield would be significantly reduced.

There are 3 main types of organic fertilizers. These being Dry Organic Fertilizers, Liquid Organic Fertilizers and Growth Enhancers.

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