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Air Duct Drs is a one-stop-shop for cleaning your ducts, and vents, dusting and mopping your floors, dusting and vacuuming your furniture, scrubbing tile floors and bathroom vanities, removing cobwebs, and cleaning no-wax hardwood. Dustin Morter is the owner-operator for Air Duct Drs. Dustin is a service-oriented professional who takes pride in his work. Mostly, we breeze through this service with just a small number of tools, but occasionally it may take us a bit longer than usual, especially if the unit contains multiple inlets and grills or other tricky surfaces. He worked hard, treated our house like his own, and kept us informed throughout the process. He even took before and after pictures for us to see on our return visit for a final inspection. He is a hardworking businessman who prides himself in delivering timely, honest results.
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