Adam Gaudette and Tyler Motte fight at Canucks tra

Adam Gaudette and Tyler Motte fight at Canucks training camp scrimmage

The Vancouver Canucks' second scrimmage of their training camp was a lot more spirited than the first. It seems clear that everyone on the team is well aware that the season starts in just a few days and the battles were a little more fierce. The game itself ended 1-1 in regulation, as goaltenders Thatcher Demko and Braden Holtby were also a little more locked-in.The spirited affair got a little too spirited at one point, as two teammates dropped the gloves and did a little knuckle-chucking in the third period.Tyler Motte and Adam Gaudette were chasing down a loose puck when Motte wrapped up Gaudette with his stick and hauled him dangerously to the ice. It was arguably a slewfoot, one of the more dangerous plays in hockey, as a player can't protect themselves from hitting their head on the ice.Gaudette was incensed, and not in the sense that he was lighting and breathing incense, which normally leads to a much more zen state of mind. Instead, Gaudette was ready to rage-quit: he threw down his mitts and started throwing haymakers.