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They 'Ain't Just Standing On The Bench Holding Towels. Dana Heinze On Steel

NHL Videos - Highlights and Analysis from the Nati

Stamos Finally Lights The Lamp For Tampa Bay

Watch highlights and analysis video from the National Hockey League. TSN's NHL Insiders and analysts deliver video content, betting information, and fantasy hockey advice.
McDavid says best player in NHL could be anybody;

Hockey Humble. McDavid Down-Plays Crosby's Praise

Connor McDavid didn't necessarily agree with Sidney Crosby calling him the best player in the NHL, but the Edmonton Oilers center was appreciative of the praise from the Pittsburgh Penguins captain.
Atkinson powers Blue Jackets past Flyers

Atkinson Tallies 2 For Blue Jackets

COLUMBUS -- Cam Atkinson scored two of three goals by the Columbus Blue Jackets in the second period of their 6-3 win against the Philadelphia Flyers at Nationwide Arena on Thursday.
Canucks' Pettersson expected to miss third game wi

Pettersson Still Out After Hit

NHL insider John Shannon joins Caroline Cameron to update all the top news from around the NHL including Tom Wilson's suspension appeal, the health of Elias Pettersson and more.
Crosby says McDavid is best player in NHL

Crosby Ranks McDavid #1

Sidney Crosby considers Connor McDavid to be the top player in the National Hockey League. "I think McDavid has set himself apart just based on the awards and the accolades he's gotten and the consistency he's had," the Pittsburgh Penguins captain told on Wednesday. "I think it's fair to say it's an easy pick just because of that."
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@sportsa · Ice Hockey · 3:47am - 18 Oct 2018

The Dark Canuck

Here's a country-by-country breakdown of the 610 skaters who have appeared in at least one NHL game this season, as well as the 69 goalies listed on the 31 team rosters.
1 women's hockey league 'inevitable,' says NWHL co
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@sportsa · Ice Hockey · 3:41am - 18 Oct 2018

The Inevitability of This!

Players want a single North American women's professional hockey league. "One league is inevitable," Rylan wrote in an email to The Associated Press, her strongest statement regarding a potential merger with the rival Canadian Women's Hockey League. "We will get this done," Rylan wrote.