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Alex Proud is a professional and experienced guy who has dedicated all her life to business. Alexander Proud is a uniquely elegant venue of pleasure, style and entertainment in the heart of London city. The Proud Group has established a long tradition of offering fantastic entertainment in sophisticated environments.
Alexander Proud, shares his tips for young entrepreneurs who want to achieve success in business as soon as possible. As an entrepreneur, Alexander Proud has seen his fair share of ups and downs, but one of the biggest challenges he’s faced was starting out with no experience or connections in the industry he chose to enter.
Whether you stay or keep moving, everything around you will not wait for you. So, get up and make your own movement and change. - Alexander Proud We may face problems in life but it is possible to stay positive by changing our thinking. When we are affected by anything bad that happens in our lives then we should learn from it. Change is a good thing, no matter how hard it gets we can't stop changing because there will always be new things in our lives which needs us to adjust and adapt.
If you’re someone who’s interested in starting your own business, or if you’re just someone who loves to read about the lives of entrepreneurs, then you might be familiar with Alex Proud. Alex Proud, a British entrepreneur who started his first business at age 19, shares the advice he’d give to anyone looking to follow in his footsteps with their own business ventures.
Don’t let what you think should be your business or industry determine what it really is. No matter how much fashion knowledge you have, whether it’s streetwear or wedding gowns, be humble enough to seek expert advice when required, and don’t take no for an answer. We all make mistakes – our job as entrepreneurs is to learn from them and move on. It’s far better to start small and grow than rush into things with too much money and risk bankruptcy if you fail – many businesses that go bust will do so because they owe more money than they are worth.
Alexander Proud is a successful businessman and entrepreneur, He has dedicated all his for business and development. The number one advices Alexander Proud has for aspiring entrepreneurs is that they should always be committed and consistent with their work. No matter what the situation is they should always remain positive and keep things simple and straight.
Alexander Proud unique venues offer a spectacular array of conceptual shows, fusing modern circus, cabaret, award-winning drag artists, and classic burlesque, and when the cabaret performances end, top DJ’s take over the dance floor to entertain guests until the early hours. He founded Proud Central, which later became known as The Strand Gallery, and from there, his brands took off, including properties as diverse as Proud Galleries in Central London, and the Proud Camden Bar and Gallery.
As founder of the Proud Group, Alex Proud offers world-class entertainment in sophisticated environments. Our cabaret shows include burlesque artists, aerialists, and fire breathers. The entertainment is accompanied by carefully curated cocktails and a delicious fine dining menu.
British entrepreneur Alex Proud we pride ourselves on offering the very best. Our shows are unique and curated by our cabaret team and customer service is vital to our ongoing success. Whether you’re looking for a date night, hen night, or private hire let Proud Cabaret help you party the night away. Proud Cabaret offers world-class entertainment in sophisticated environments.
As founder of the Proud Group, Alexander Proud has a track record of success behind him. Proud Galleries is one of the worlds leading fine art photography galleries, featuring authentic, original prints from some of the top names in the show biz. The gallery was launched in autumn 1998 by Alex Proud to bring affordable high-quality photography to a mainstream market.
Alex Proud is a British journalist and entrepreneur. In 1998 he founded the Proud Group, an international development consultancy based in London, which advises governments and NGOs on counter-radicalisation strategies.
Alexander Proud is a respected and engaging television personality, columnist and photographer. His experience across all of these roles has seen him develop a unique view on today’s media scene while his passion for photography and telling stories with his own pictures continue to remain at the heart of his work.
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