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The new normal for hockey training!

As we all get set to return to play, don't expect things to be normal! Remember to listen to the health authorities and follow the guidelines laid out. We want to protect each other's health and the health of the people we come into contact with. If the NHL players can do so can we! Watch this clip from TSN.


In today’s hockey defensemen are taught and encouraged to keep their feet moving, jump up in the play to create a 4-man attack and play at high tempo. Quinn Hughes of the Vancouver Canucks is a perfect example, exciting to watch, creative, quick decision maker and plays with speed. Caroline Cameron and Natalie Spooner (Canadian Women’s National Team) discus Quinn’s speed and creativity along with some great clips. Join us for our Defensemen Camp this summer, http://coachenio.com/defensemen-camp/
STICK ON PUCK CHECKING - 3 EXAMPLES We teach our players, both forwards and defensemen to 1) angle and 2) have stick on puck to get the puck back. Here are 3 great examples; first 2 are using stick on puck to prevent goals and the 3rd is an example of a forward using stick on puck on the forecheck to set up a goal. Great examples for our young players to see! #coaching #hockeylove #hockeyallsvenskan #hockeycoaching #hockeycoach #hockeyinstruction #instahockey #hockeyboy #hockeylifestyle #hockeygoals #hockeyteam #hockeyplayers #hockey
PP GOAL FINLAND VS USA - HIGH TO SLOT OPTION Some text book power play goals at this year's world junior tournament. In this clip Finland do a great job with puck movement, using seams, player movement, shots and finally with a "look off" pass to the slot for a goal. Besides this clip, this was two great teams battling it out! #coaching #hockey #hockeycoaching #hockeyinstruction #hockeyskills
PP BEHIND NET TO NET FRONT OPTION Two good examples of power play options from taking the puck behind the net and looking for net front player. With this play, all kinds of options can open up for opportunities. Both the Czech Republic and USA use the same play. Come check out our summer hockey camps; http://coachenio.com/camps/ #hockey #hockeycoaching #hockeyskills #hockeyinstruction
It takes courage and commitment to get into shooting lanes and block shots. Three clips showing just that, great 1 knee technique on the 3rd clip, timing, down on 1 knee, palms in to protect hands and head turned away to protect face. Great technique!! Come and check our camps out, currently $75.00 off! http://coachenio.com/camps/
FAKE INSIDE - DRIVE OUTSIDE - TAKE PUCKS TO NET - GO AFTER REBOUNDS - Exactly what we need to teach our players, transition, drive net and go to net hard for 2nd and 3rd rebounds! #hockey #hockeycoaching #hockeyinstruction
Great example of things a team needs to do on the Power Play; 1) Win offensive zone face offs, 2) Walk the line on the point (take the penalty killer with you or create a shooting lane and 3) take advantage of the 1 timer! #hockey #hockeycoaching #hockeyinstruction #hockeylove #hockeyallsvenskan #worldjuniors #hockeycoach #sports #hockeyboy #hockeytraining #hockeylifestyle #hockeygoals
Great goal, example of using defensemen as a screen, changing shooting angle with a toe drag, quick release and putting pucks on the net. #hockey #hockeycoach #hockeymom #hockeylove #hockeyinstruction #worldjuniors #instahockey #hockeytraining #hockeyteam #worldjuniors2019 #hockeyseason


Coffee with my teacher, mentor (since 1972!!) and best friend Jon Lee Kootenkoff. Jon Lee is a NCAA basketball champion, Olympian, former coach of Simon Fraser University and long time inspirational teacher/speaker. Jon Lee is 84 years young and looks great! In this short clip Jon Lee shares some of his wisdom, he sites me (Enio) in this, but it is all him!! Great words of wisdom from a great man!! Come and learn some mental training concepts and tools at our Mental Edge Training Seminar. http://coachenio.com/the-mental-edge-training-seminar/