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Find Kelowna Rock Ripping

Doug Bateman Logging is a full service logging company in the Okanagan. We offer services such as Kelowna rock ripping and stump removal for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We have been providing the best service to our customers since 2015. You can trust us with your project, big or small. In Kelowna, our highly experienced crew provides excavation and retaining wall services. For homeowners as well contractors in the area we strive to deliver great service for residential backfill jobs with interior slab prep also available! When it comes time to do construction or demolition projects there is always a lot of dust & debris which can be hard on both people's lungs so during these times you'll find us making every effort possible not only reducing environmental impact but ensuring safety too because most importantly-your satisfaction guaranteed. So, are you in need of water truck services, or rock removal services? Our Kelowna rock remo
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