Colossal Cupcakes & Cones is certainly the most well-known establishment in my area. Their cupcakes are definitely delicious, but they can be pricey. They also offer some items that, while delicious, are not necessary. The quality isn’t consistent, so if you want to try this place out it might be best to go when they are busiest. Plus, locals know to order the vanilla ice cream cone with marshmallow crème and cookie dough. Although it is not on their menu.
7:35am - Thu 18 Nov
The Colossal Cupcakes and Cones in USA is a cupcake bakery specializing in giant-sized cupcakes, homemade cone ice cream and soft serve that comes from their modern drive through window. They headline the fun-loving flavor that only a gourmet cupcake from a specialty shop can bring to customers. Their recipes are sweet but never sickly, delighting both young and old with their decadent desserts. It has a number of retail outlets throughout the United States.
5:51am - Thu 11 Nov
North Olmsted, Ohio, has many start-up stops this spring and Colossal Cupcakes CEO and founder Kelly C. Kandah is pleased to announce that she is opening her new location at 4615 Great Northern Blvd. A popular cupcake store in Cleveland is opening a branch in North Olmsted, 461.5 Great Northern Boulevard, on Friday. The new location in North Olmsted offers an expanded menu of cotton candy ice cream, ice cream burritos, grilled rainbow cheese and glitter cappuccino. If you fancy more, Colossal Cupcakes is a good choice.
10:08am - Tue 02 Nov
Ever thought about getting something special for special occasions or events? Well, nothing more special than a Colossal Cupcake from the famous outlet of Colossal Cupcakes near Ohio. This famous outlet is known for their delicious, freshest and more colossal cupcakes you will ever find. Have a look at the menu on this site and be sure to walk into a showroom of these best-selling items .
10:02am - Tue 02 Nov


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