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Rubber Matting Garden

Rubber Matting Garden

When creating a play area for children, the most essential item for you to consider is the surface. Not only will it be the most used item of equipment but choosing the correct solution will ensure their safety. For playground facilities and private back garden play spaces, rubber playground matting and garden rubber flooring are the most popular option because the material is easily installed even in hard-to-reach or uneven surfaces. Find out all of the benefits of rubber flooring in the following section. Safety Advantages  Shock Absorbent Rubber flooring readily meets with the industry safety standards for shock absorbency. Perfect for Chemical Sensitivity The EPDM and SBR rubbers used for making school playground surfaces are free from any sort of chemicals. ADA Compliant You will find rubber playground matting mostly accessible even for wheelchairs. Hence, children with any disability can use the surfacing without having any trouble. Less Falls This surfacing option has anti-slip quality that makes them ideal for playground surfacing application. Material Quality Benefits Rubber matting does not create folds and gives a smooth, even surface preventing trips and falls. Available in a variety of colours and designs that enable users to be creative when it comes to installing playground surfacing. Odour free and therefore also suitable for indoor recreation areas. Suitable and durable enough for roof-top play areas. Cost Advantages There is less maintenance with rubber flooring tiles and rolls; hence, they have a lower maintenance cost.  They don’t tear or damage easily and can easily be repaired. Easy-to-clean and durable, rubber will stand the test of time and is an absolute budget-friendly purchase. The installation cost for outdoor rubber tiles or roll format is low to other types of flooring. Installation Advantages Installation of rubber matting is simple and easy therefore you won’t need a high-end professional to do the installation. You can install it by yourself, with or without adhesive.. You can install tiles in any pattern you like therefore you can be as creative as you want. Some tile options come with connector pieces allowing the mats to easily be adjoined with less movement. Adhesive is not essential as the tiles are weighty enough to butt side by side therefore if you wanted a less permanent space, the tiles can be lifted and reused elsewhere. Conclusion There are a number of benefits of using rubber playground matting for your play area in terms of safety, maintenance and cost which are the key factors to be considered in a child's play enviroment.  
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