12:46pm - Sun 05 Sep
We provide an online Maths and Science learning programme for students in grades XI and XII, as well as JEE hopefuls. Our YouTube channel features LIVE video lectures for students in Class XI and XII on a variety of physics, chemistry, and mathematics courses.

Our professors are chosen following extensive interviews to ensure that they have a wealth of expertise and understanding in the field.

Please subscribe to our youtube channel for more interesting videos and content to help you in JEE Preparation and more.
3:11pm - Sat 21 Aug
Fosterjee JEE Classes ( are designed and simplified for JEE Mains Syllabus & Advanced and NEET to provide students with a clear and practical approach to PCM.
1:23pm - Sun 25 Jul
Why MathsGenii | Online maths learning program | Find best teachers in maths

An Online Maths Learning Program for Age 7 – 15 years where the logical and conceptual abilities of the students are groomed.

To learn more, please visit
3:20pm - Sat 17 Jul

Specialists in the electronic business are paid as your science educator to test and concoct graphs which are utilized in the electronic circuit board that run your PC It starts with information on geometry however finishes with mass delivered electronic gear you use on an everyday premise.
1:25pm - Sat 17 Jul


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