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Betting can be characterized as wagering cash on a result of dubious outcomes to win cash. All types of betting, even those regularly viewed as more aptitude based, similar to poker and sports wagering, contain a component of karma [1].
Another basic attribute of betting is that it is a lose-lose situation: when one player wins, the other must lose [2]. Betting is a famous relaxation time action in many nations, and by far most of grown-ups have occupied with some betting movement in any event once in their life, and somewhere in the range of 40 and 80% have partaken in some type of betting in the last 12 months [3]. For most people, betting is a type of amusement [4, 5]. For certain shoppers, the inspiration for betting is impacted by social connections since betting scenes offer social settings to meet individuals [6, 7], while others are principally roused by the fantasy about winning cash [8]. On the other hand, some utilization betting to get away from thei
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