11:21am - 12 Feb 2020
Treatment with Functional Medicine In today’s modern world combined with fast paced life is triggering a wide range of diseases. The conventional forms of treatment is yielding results but may or may not be same useful in the long run. Apart from these methods another method has started to enter our world of treating ailments: The Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine: as the name goes is a treatment procedure aimed at studying the bodily function of an individual, and diagnosing the root cause of an ailment. The treatment plan is tailor made according to the body requirements of the individual. Each symptom orone symptom may be one of the many factors responsible for an illness. This individual approach to diseases is based on research on nutritional science, epigenetic sand genomics. The proponents claim that any disease is a result of interaction between environmental, endocrinal and gastrointestinal factors and thus the treatment should also be planned based on these factors