7:18am - 11 Feb 2020
Ways to use chakra stones for best benefits Chakra stones are types of stones that are used to maintain all the chakras of your body. These stones help you to maintain a proper physical and mental health by keeping all your chakras balanced and healthy. Since our body is controlled by these chakras, it is very important for you to balance those chakras in order to stay healthy. Physical wellness is something that is at the peak no matter how and what you do. Areas where to place chakra stones in your body There are certain ways through which you can use chakra stones in order to keep your chakras balanced and to reap the maximum benefits. Below is the list of place where you should put chakra stones: • Throat chakra- Throat • Crown Chakra- Top of head • Third Eye chakra- Forehead • Heart chakra- Heart • Solar plexus chakra- Navel • Sacral chakra- Pelvic area • Root chakra- Groin or feet area If you place the chakra stone on the above mentioned place then you can easily help your bod