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  • 6:39pm - 31 Mar 2021
    Posted in League Website
    We've modified how we send out emails from the League Platforms and reducing our Sportsa branding, replacing it with your own. This will require some configuration your side to allow us to send emails on your domains behalf. We've included this within the League Website Setup Documentation
  • 7:00pm - 07 Mar 2021
    Posted in League Website
    Fixed an issue where a new user who was creating a username was allowed to enter spaces. This has now been resolved.
  • 5:49am - 23 Feb 2021
    Posted in League Website
    Created OneSportsa Accounts, which work across Sportsa, HockeyCircles and the League Platforms to connect user accounts. Uploading a photo on one service, will replicate the same photo across all. All other information, username, name, personal info, mobile information, are all portable between services
  • 9:08pm - 18 Feb 2021
    Posted in League Website
    Users can upload their own photos to the league microsites. This change is reflected across all Sportsa products