• 10:20pm - Sun 23 May
    Posted in Leagues
    Fixed a bug where teams that were added through a league were not having their sport set correctly.
  • 3:03pm - Mon 17 May
    Posted in Leagues
    Added document creation and pushing out to users/teams/league - documents can be mandatory or optional, require a signature or not, or require a yes/no response. They can be attached to events or pushed out manually.
  • 6:37pm - Wed 31 Mar
    Posted in Leagues
    We're working on our FREE and PRO tiers splitting off functionality, if you try and access a PRO service, you'll be prompted to upgrade your league.
  • 4:47pm - Wed 24 Mar
    Posted in Leagues
    We're changing how we operate leagues. We're offering everyone free league management tools and working on a "Freemium" model. We'll provide basic league functionality to everyone, and then if you want cool extras, like custom websites, player stats, live scorekeeper, etc. These will be extra.
  • 10:52pm - Sat 27 Feb
    Posted in Leagues
    Added the ability to add multiple goalies to the scoresheet and select shots against and primary goalie. A player could therefore be on the roster both as a player and as a goalie if needed and appropriate stats are scored against/for them.