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are we?

Sportsa is based in the heart of sports country in Vancouver, BC. We're completely and tirelessly focused upon helping sports players connect & grow as players - whatever their level. We're uniquely backed and supported by ex-NHL and NCAA stars as well as other amateur and professional players in other sports.

Sportsa is THE platform that will help individuals become well-rounded players, it couples my deep knowledge of the game with a wide variety of essential tools that will help players connect, join Circles to expand knowledge of the game and develop their sporting IQ.
Jack McIlhargey Director, Scout for Philadelphia Flyers and ex-Vancouver Canuck

do we do?

Sportsa is a complete sports platform designed to encompass all aspects of the game. It's designed to assist players, team captains, coaches, trainers, and scouts; and bring everything to one place. What features do we provide?
  • Social networking platform
  • Free and paid circles of advice & questions with amateur and professional leaders
  • Game & Season statistics
  • Peer, coaching & captain endorsements
  • Buy & Sell MarketPlace with user reviewed buyers & sellers, reviewed coaches and services
  • Team organization, lines, beer and payments
  • Video analysis conducted by pro's
  • Player promotion

does it matter?

Whether you're a recreational player or an up-and-coming pro, we all want to become the best player we can become. With Sportsa, we provide the tools to help you get there. We help you stay up-to-date as well as improve, manage and promote your game.