Help ID: 80

Default Event Settings for Teams

You can set a number of default settings for new events or games that you create

These defaults apply to newly created events, and do not affect any existing events.

Default Event Fees

You can set the default fee for participants to be charged - participants are charged according to their settings in there roster profile (e.g. spares or goalies)

Payment Required

You can set that payments are required before participants can mark themselves as attending. This is ideal for games where you have a roster of players, and need 2 spares - the first 2 spare players than mark themselves in would pay and then be able to mark themselves as IN. Saving the headache of manually organizing your team.

Event Payment Required

You can enable this setting to automatically allow participants to pay and sign in. If you disable this setting, players can sign in without having to pay any fees - ideal if you want to collect payments manually.