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EventPay - For Participants

EventPay is only available to teams, leagues, or organizations that have an active PREMIUM subscription. This helps with fraud prevention.

What is EventPay?

EventPay is a non-recurring fee for events, games, competitions, etc that are required to be paid before the participant and mark themselves as IN for the event. They are set by the Event Organizer. If there is a fee set, you will be unable to mark yourself in for the event until the fee has been paid - either online, or paying directly to the event manager, and them marking you as paid.

Can I see a list of my Payments?

Yes, simply click on your name on the top right hand corner when you've logged in, and then click PAYMENTS to list all the payments made on your account through our system (payments made via cash / e-transfer / or non Sportsa method will not be listed here)

Can I get a refund?

You can organize a refund of any EventPay fee via the Event Organizer. Please note that if you request a Chargeback via your Credit Card, then this is against our Terms of Service and could lead to the automatic and permanent suspension of your account.