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Why are there transactions fees when I pay?

We list transaction fees separately so that they're fully transparent. Transaction fees are charges you pay to process the payment through our platform - we try and keep these fees as low as possible.

Credit card payments from our store are absorbed into the product price - so you don't pay transaction fees for those.

For teams, leagues, and organizations - credit card processing costs are not built into the price of a product, and are therefore listed separately. They charge for the product (whether it's an event, a game, a tournament, or season dues) and we charge a percentage of that to cover the costs by the payment provider.

A percentage & transaction fee is passed on from the organizations that process your credit card information and we pass this onto you.

Why are the transaction percentages different for some teams, leagues or organizations

We try and minimize any costs to you and the team, league, or organization, sometimes, if they have a high throughput of fee’s or have purchased our premium service, then we can pass those savings on, and the transaction fee is reduced.