Help ID: 19

Shared URL Information via API

You can retrieve information about URLS that have been shared on - these are great for share button counters on your own website.

Retrieve JSON formatted data by submitting to[URL]

What information is returned?

status ok:not listed:bad url:banned Determines the status of the URL on the platform.

OK: The URL is listed, statistics are available
NOT LISTED: The URL is not active, no statistics available
BAD URL: The URL is in an invalid format
BANNED: The URL has been banned from our platform and cannot be shared or visited
url string The escaped URL submitted (https, http and trailing slashes are removed)
out bigint How many times the URL has been clicked through from the platform and out to the website
in bigint How many times the URL has been shared by users
last updated YEAR-MONTH-DAY HOURS:MINUTES:SECONDS TIMEZONE The date & time of the last activity (when it was shared or last clicked through) for the URL - timezone of UTC+0
version decimal The version of the API

Please Note

URL Information and statistics are cached and refreshed at periodic intervals