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Blue Toque Sports
120 B 5th St,
British Columbia,
V9N 1J4
Opened: 2008

About Blue Toque Sports

Blue Toque Sports Ltd. is a family & community sports consignment store in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island with a passion for adventure and a love for the simple, healthy, fun things in life.

Blue Toque Sports Ltd. was established in 2008 by the current owners Paul and Salinas LaPerriere. The very sports oriented Vancouver Island was desperately in need of a place to sell good quality used gear giving it a new life while having a justification to buy more gear, and to buy gear at a fraction of the price while being environmentally conscious. So it started....In the first couple months the Blue Toque was a quaint lil grass roots shop with some items of their own and close friends. Very quickly it turned into a 5500 sq foot sports warehouse with almost 6000 consignors from all around!

Everyone employed by Blue Toque Sports Ltd. are "Soul Family". All the staff really enjoy spending time with each other at work and off on adventures together so it makes for a super infectiously fun place to be for everyone. Have questions or need suggestions about your next travels?.... The Blue Toque Fam is stoked help!



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