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We are a small town family who grew up on a farm with a hockey rink in the front yard. To say that we love hockey would be an understatement. Peter is a former trainer, coach, and minor hockey president, Joey is a former rep/junior level player with a Sport Management Degree and has worked for Hockey Canada, Vancouver Canucks and the Vancouver Olympic Committee. Ashley is a former player, Nick played all the way up through NCAA and Pro. Dustin played all the way up through NCAA, was drafted by the Montreal Canadians, and now works in the NHL.

We are fortunate to be able to say that the game has given us a lot back. But growing up hockey was expensive, if it wasn't for an old man who worked all the time and a mother who spent her life in the rinks we wouldn't be able to do it, what's worse is that if it were today we wouldn't have been able to afford competitive hockey!



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Mike MacWilliam @Mac24 10:33pm - 23 Jul 2019