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API Hockey PROS Store
17-25 Meadowbank Road,
Prince Edward Island,
C0A 1H0

About API Hockey PROS Store

Welcome to API Hockey PROS, your one true hockey sales and discounts store for all your hockey equipment needs. We specialize in all hockey, lacrosse and ringette gear such as bags, elbow pads, gloves, helmets, hockey jerseys, socks, apparel, pants, shin guards, shoulder pads, skates, sticks, goalie equipment, toys, games, training aids, and much more.

Our Mission is to provide the most innovative products that hockey has to offer. We believe that the best online products should not necessarily be the most expensive ones. So have a look around our store, you'll be glad you did!

We do not claim to be the center of the hockey universe. But, as a relatively new and small company, we will go through great lengths to acquire your business. API Hockey PROS was originally thought of and created by hockey players and parents who were tired of paying ridiculously high prices for higher end hockey equipment due to mark-ups that sometimes climb to 2 to 3 times the products' actual value. Therefor, we analogically studied the market and came to the conclusion that we can offer you not only better service but the same higher end products that other big named retailers showcase but at a much lower cost to you. We do this by actually having most of our manufacturers we retail for ship from their warehouse directly to your door. This eliminates much of the costs involved as we do not have to rely on the middle man ( manufacturers reps, extra shipping charges, etc... ) as other retailers do. We also and most importantly simply do not mark up products to ridiculous profit margins. We are players... we are parents... we are API Hockey PROS!



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