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The Skating Lab Toronto
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North York,
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About The Skating Lab Toronto

Our Training Protocol

The Skating Lab Toronto uses a training protocol that is scientifically based around a program that has been tested and proven to see results, on and off the ice.

How it works:

Skaters will be run through a variety of progressive drills based on their current skill level, that will help to improve their biomechanical positioning while taking a proper stride. The trainers watch and instruct as the player skates on the synthetic ice; with the ability to analyze their stride post-interval, on a delayed video monitor. With trainer instruction, correction, and guidance, along with video feedback, the athlete is able to make corrections; allowing for all distinct learning styles to succeed.

When can I expect to see results?

According to a number of research based programs that have been tested through treadmill training, one can expect to start seeing physiological and technical adaptation results (muscle memory) by the 8th training session, when training consistently.

The majority of skaters we have at The Skating Lab Toronto begin to see changes in their stride after their first session, after learning basic skating mechanics. Treadmill training is high intensity interval training, with one-on-one attention and instruction from the trainer with a period of rest. The interval training mimics the fast paced hockey game, but enforces constant correction, while on the synthetic ice. The constant cueing and instruction of the trainers allow the skater to identify their skills and weaknesses. The skaters learn how to use their body effectively and efficiently, translating these skills to the ice in game pressured situations.

The greatest results come from those athletes that are committed to the process.



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