Amarillo Civic Center - Cal Farley Coliseum Claim Listing

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Amarillo Civic Center - Cal Farley Coliseum
401 S Buchanan, Amarillo, TX,
United States,

About Amarillo Civic Center - Cal Farley Coliseum

The Cal Farley Coliseum is a multipurpose arena located on the southeast corner of the Amarillo Civic Center with direct access points at Entrances 5, 7, 8, and 10. The Coliseum has a total maximum capacity of up to 7,000. The arena features 4,870 permanent seats and 1,800 portable seats are available for the Coliseum floor.

The height of the Coliseum from the floor is 38’ 10” to the lower steel and 50’ 10” to the ceiling. The floor itself is 190’ long and 90’ wide.

The Coliseum encompasses 17,000 square feet and offers a sound system, portable stage, unlimited floor loading, and an ice plant. A loading ramp at floor level can accommodate truck or trailer rigs with a 200’ push to the Coliseum floor.

There are four spacious Concourses surrounding the Coliseum capable of holding vendors, merchandise stands, concessions, and more.

The Cal Farley Coliseum has been home to many events from ice hockey and indoor football to large graduations and conventions. For more information about renting the Coliseum, please contact the Event Booking Coordinator.



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