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11:33pm - 04 Feb 2019

How to get the right hockey skate and break them in • HockeyCircles Articles

Find out how to get the right hockey skate for you and how to heat your hockey skates to get the best fit - either in-store or at home with your oven.

Proven techniques for forwards to beat the defensemen - HockeyCircles Articles

Beating a defensemen is one of the most important and useful skills you need to know as a forward. Using these 5 proven techniques, you’ll…

Tips for Defensemen Playing Defensive Hockey - HockeyCircles Articles

Playing defense is a challenging position to play, you’re generally the last line before a forward gets a shot on goal, and you’re the one…
4:43pm - 02 Nov 2018

Quick offensive tips that will make you a better hockey player - HockeyCircles Articles

Take the puck across the net If you happen to find yourself approaching the net with speed or if you’ve just beaten a defender wide,…