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72 Years Ago Today........Mr. Hockey Signed with T

72 Years Ago Today........Mr. Hockey Signed with The Detroit Red Wings

Gordie Howe – October 8 1946 – Gordie Howe (Detroit Red Wings) signed contract with the Detroit Red Wings on October 8, 1946. In the whole NHL career, Gordie Howe scored 801 goals. Howe won 4 Stanley Cups (1950, 1952, 1954 and 1955), all of them with Detroit Red Wings. He is nicknamed Mr. Hockey and he is regarded as one of the best players in the hockey history. He retired when he was 53 year old. In his last season 1979/80, Gordie Howe was 53 years old and still, he was able to score 15 goals and add 26 assists in 80 matches. The term Gordie Howe Hat Trick means that player is able to score a goal, record an assist and get in a fight in one single game. It is a reference to Howe, because he was great player and he liked to fight. However, in his career, Howe recorded only two Gordie Howe Hat Tricks. The all time leader is Brendan Shanahan with 17 Gordie Howe Hat Tricks.
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