9:43am - Mon 10 Jan
Bret Bartle is an accomplished Business Analyst with over 20 years of experience designing processes and implementing effective solutions across a number of industries. He excels in translating enterprise-wide needs into small, medium and large-scale projects that meet current business needs (including requirements for scalability and sustainability) and drive innovation within the organization. With a strong ability to work with cross-functional teams and a proven track record of developing talent, Brett is able to successfully develop and deliver strategic plans that empower his team members while increasing productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.
5:12am - Wed 05 Jan
Brett Bartle is a business analyst in the marketing department of one of the world's largest nonalcoholic beverage companies. In an effort to meet the growing demand for energy drinks, the company is rolling out its first line of energy drink products. As a knowledgeable and effective business leader, Brett Bartle maximizes revenue and strengthens existing business relationships by accurately analyzing client demographics. Brett Bartle gained his knowhow as a sales leader in charge of introducing new products. His expertise at developing innovative marketing campaigns has been instrumental in increasing market share in his area. Brett Bartle continues to make a valuable contribution to the growth and profitability of his organization by designing fresh ideas for marketing strategies that have proven successful time and time again.
10:33am - 27 Dec 2021
Brett Bartle is a successful business leader with a strong entrepreneurial drive and commitment to excellence in marketing, research, and business development in the competitive international marketplace. With capabilities in finance and natural science, his competence spans all skill requirements of development, manufacturing, and administration. Sought after by industry experts for his innovative approach to marketing research, Brett applies his skills as an esteemed member of numerous professional organizations.
5:48am - 16 Dec 2021
Brett Bartle is an experienced analytics professional with over 20 years of proven data management, analysis, and reporting expertise in the Mission Critical, Telecom, and Energy Industries. Brett started his career as a founding member of the telecommunications start-up company, Rhythms NetConnections (RNCI), where he managed over $60 million during 13 years in enterprise-class services and product development across several products and platforms. Utilizing his expertise in data management, analysis, and reporting, he led multiple cross-functional teams to deliver innovative solutions that increased portfolio profitability by over $1 million within a two year period.
5:44am - 16 Dec 2021
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5:44am - 16 Dec 2021


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