Why Acapulco Taco Serves Excellent Chile Relleno Dishes

Relleno is a classic Mexican dish served in various restaurants in New Mexico. Acapulco Taco has been said to be the restaurant that serves excellent Relleno dishes in Albuquerque. At Acapulco, our Relleno are made with fresh ingredients, authentic and traditional seasonings with peppering to ensure our customers are served with the best. Acapulco is no doubt the best Chile Relleno food place in Albuquerque.

Are you looking for the best Chile Relleno Dishes in Albuquerque, New Mexico? Here at Acapulco Taco & Burritos. We serve authentic Chile Relleno dishes with authentic and traditional seasoning and prepping. As Chile Rellenos should be made in Mexico. We invite you to try our traditional Chile Rellenos as they are made by people of Mexican descent.

What does Relleno mean?

Have you heard about Relleno? You're thinking of having a taste someday, but you don't know what it is exactly. Relleno is Mexican style food that is ma
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