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Avoid Wal-Mart Self Scanners!

Mistakes in Scanning items at Wal-Mart self-checkout can easily lead to a criminal charge of larceny

Our law firm is seeing a large influx in Wal-Mart self-scanner charges for criminal misdemeanor larceny. Many of our clients simply made a mistake scanning goods. We’re seeing that Wal-Mart has become very aggressive in filing criminal charges for simple self-scan errors.

Wal-Mart could simply allow their shoppers to fix the error and make payment but routinely calls the police to file criminal charges for shoplifting and larceny from failing to scan items at the check-out.

Our advice is to avoid self-scanners at Wal-Mart and always have a human being ring up your items. You could make a simple mistake and end up being charged with larceny by Wal-Mart in North Carolina.
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