Pile Foundation

Being the foundation, the base of your building bears the complete load which is one of the major causes behind weak building structure after some time. Give the foundation of your building additional support in form of pile foundation from Solid Earth Technologies. For more details please visit:
Pier Foundation

Wishing for strong foundation of the building will not automatically come true. If you are concerned about the base of new construction, make a wise decision of getting in touch with Solid Earth Technologies for pier foundation. Call us today for getting the possible assistance on your project. For more details please visit:
Wetland Boardwalk

Be it lake front, beach or marshes, take an eco-friendly step to make passage easy and seamless by installing boardwalk from Solid Earth Technologies in Wetland. We are the premiere solution provider for environmentally friendly structural support for residential, commercial and municipal construction. For more details please visit:
Helical Pile Installation

Consideration of hiring the best team is vital when it comes to helical pile installation. This’s why Solid Earth Technologies is here. We are certified and highly qualified helical pile installers of the AB Chance Helical Pier Foundation System that stabilizes the foundation without damaging the existing structure. For more details please visit:


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