How to get your ex-girlfriend back even if it seems impossible

Are you missing out on hints that could give you greenlight to score a girl? Click to explore what does it mean when a girl keeps hitting you?
9:55pm - Thu 13 Jan

How to tell if a girl wants to sleep with you

Most women don’t make their attraction signs obvious to guys. That can put you in a mental dilemma to figure out if she’s into you or simply being nice
2:32pm - Thu 13 Jan

How to get any girl's attention at a party

Do you desire to build your game to irresistible levels? Click and discover sneaky ways of how to get any girl's attention at a party and maintain it long enough to score her.
2:17pm - Sun 09 Jan
How to take a step back in a relationship

In this blog, I’ll show you how to take a step back in a relationship. The aim of this blog is to help you maintain relationship balance and increase your relationship intelligence.
7:58am - 31 Dec 2021
How to choose between two lovers

It can be challenging to choose between two lovers because you don’t want to make a choice you’ll regret. Click to explore pointers that will guide you.
3:20am - 26 Dec 2021

How to make female friends

do you feel like you’re missing out on fun things you can do with lady friends and are looking into making some? Click here to explore some ways on how to make female friends.
10:17pm - 24 Dec 2021
Dating Coach for Men

Kamalifestyles is a dating coaching company for men that offers specialty courses in knowing how to flirt with new women, make endless conversation...
7:43pm - 24 Dec 2021


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