Use the laser pointer correctly to tease the cat
In addition to laser diseases, soft sculptures and additional snacks are also essential. Before the game starts, place the toy in a key position in the play area. Prepare food and snack rewards.
At the beginning of the game, place the laser pointer in front of the cat and shake its zigzag shape. Occasionally encourage the cat to catch the light spot on the doll. The doll now plays the role of prey. Before the small light spot leaves the toy, the intensity and length of the game depends on the age, physical condition and interest of each cat. The end of the game is as important as the beginning. Instead of stopping the game suddenly, you slowly slow down the movement of the light and reward the cat with a snack when it is finally caught. He can eat, clean, take care of himself, and get a good night's sleep.

Blue laser pointer temptation:

The special feature of the new laser pointer

The laser pointer is now an important part of the teaching process for teachers. Teachers can use the laser pointer to indicate the location of the content they are telling. Modern teaching often uses PPT, and the teacher will prepare the PPT in advance and then put it in the classroom. Demonstration, because there are often more points on a page of PPT, in order to facilitate the teacher to tell the students the location of the points when demonstrating the PPT, the teacher will use a laser pointer when giving a lecture. However, the existing laser pointers are relatively similar in structure. They are all long strips, have no novelty, are inconvenient to carry, and are easy to lose. Laser pointer mobile phones have now become people’s essential portable electronic items. In order to meet more and more people’s work and life needs, laser pointer mobile phones continue to add a variety of practical functions, so all kinds of practical gad
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Is it illegal to buy a laser pointer?

However, whether the laser pointer is suitable for cats has always been a controversial topic. You need to give up the laser pointer and choose when you turn on the laser next to the cat, the cat can see it in its field of vision, and the cat Can't judge this. Laser pens are simply in possession. "It's like a knife. It's not illegal to buy. On the contrary, if you want to use it, it will definitely break the law if you want to hurt or hurt someone." Regarding the police's claim that the number of laser pens purchased is too large, there are Reasonably suspected of being used to attack the police. Lu Ze believes that the number of possessions is not the reason for the crime: even if you only have one, you can attack. The most important thing is to prove that the arrested person has criminal intent.

Self-defense is self-defense. Even if it is not
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