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ProSkate West
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About ProSkate West

Turning a Good Skate Fit into a GREAT Skate Fit… starts right here!

Unfortunately, even when you buy the best pair of stock hockey skates available off the shelf, they simply won’t give you the support or perfect comfort level you expect or need to play your best. Or perhaps the boot fits, but just won’t stand up to the rigors of you putting it through your high-energy competitive skating for a whole season.

In these cases, ProSkate offers you custom skate boot and blade alterations. Our trained technicians have the experience to alter the boot and add the right support for you. We can add, remove, or re-shape padding, to tailor the comfort and fit to match your individual needs. For example sore ankles, heel movement, lace bite, heel spurs…no problem. Talk to us and we can explain exactly how we will look after your needs!

The truth is, we can literally take the boot apart and put it back together so it fits and performs the way you want. Custom alterations can elevate your performance to a whole new level.

Oh, and no matter the alteration, we take pride in helping your boot keep its “factory look.” No ugly box stitch through everything when you ask Pro Skate to rebuild or customize your skates!



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